Get To Know The Legend Of Oni From Akita In Namahage Museum

Japan has different legends, including beasts and otherworldly creatures. In any case, few have ever known about Namahage. On the off chance that you need to think about Namahage, one of them is to visit Namahage Museum which has heaps of data about Namahage.

Get To Know The Legend Of Oni From Akita In Namahage Museum

Namahage is a mammoth oni or evil presence that is regularly found in Japanese fantasies and old stories, and is typically connected with the Oga town of Akita Prefecture. The Museum itself really has various regions committed not exclusively to Namahage, yet additionally to the history and old stories of his origin.

Get To Know The Legend Of Oni From Akita In Namahage Museum
Get To Know The Legend Of Oni From Akita In Namahage Museum

Right now is the Shinpi Hall (Oga Room) which will lead us to the nature and culture of Oga, the origination of the Namahage legend. There is likewise Densho Hall where we can see a short narrative video of Namahage legend and furthermore occasion when Namahage make visits to the occupants ‘ homes. The primary fascination is most likely the Namahage Seizoroi zone including covers and unique Namahage ensembles from 60 territories in Oga, and there are even zones where we can attempt the Namahage outfit.

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There are various variants of the Namahage legends relying upon the locale. Some state that over 2.000 years back Emperor Wu of Han carried 5 goliath beasts to Japan, and this beast called Oni took nourishment and little youngsters from the town of Oga.

The residents chose to deceive the Oni with the guarantee of giving all the little youngsters, if the Oni could make 1.000 stone strides to the sanctuary inside one night. What’s more, in the event that the stairs didn’t arrive at the holy place, at that point the Oni needed to leave Oga and not return once more. Oni who acknowledged this demand at that point fabricated a stepping stool, and when it arrived at 999 the stepping stool of one of the occupants at that point mimicked a crowed chicken that connotes sunrise, the Oni was stunned and afterward left while never returning again.

  • Namahage Museum
  • Address: Mizukuisawa, Kitaura-Shinzan, Oga, Akita
  • Opening times: 08.30 – 17.00
  • Value: Adults 550 yen, secondary school 275 yen